KOy Vallilan Puiston Parkki

Underground parking building
Kangasalantie 12, Helsinki
4800 gross sqm2

We designed concrete and steel structures including concrete elements and steel workshop drawings

Our client is Pohjola Rakennus Oy. In this under ground parking building there are going to be 154 parking lots and three above ground level stair case shafts. Top of the deck serves as a full size football field. Construction period 2021-2023.

Frame of the building is cast-in-situ concrete and above ground level stair shafts are build of concrete elements. Roof structure is post-tensioned concrete slab. Foundation slabs are partly on top of solid surface rock and partly on top of concrete piles. Project was extremely demanding because of the high ground water and high loading on top of deck. On snowy winters city of Helsinki is going to store high amounts of snow on top of the deck.